To cancel Eligo today, not have to wait "2 billing cycles" for my gas rate to revert to what CE charges--which today is $6.18 per mcf. They brought a big machine in my yard and tore up the grass in the process of the tree removal. Tulip-shaped flowers with greenish-yellow petals with a splash of orange at the base. No electricity no water no cooking no coffee to keep my headaches at bay. Laura Neibarger I was told by Consumers Energy that it is my responsibility to remove the three piles of tree branches. I'm not sure where to start, I order the Appliance house burnt down still getting bills and we. These trees must not be planted under utility lines. Fan-shaped bright green leaves that turn a stunning yellow in the fall. These surveys inform outreach and treatment strategies. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. Are you kidding me!? Please select the location of your service and we'll remember your selection for next time. Please consider this and respond back to me as soon as possible. I was out there yesterday, April 24th, 2022, and it looks as though a large service truck recently drove over the edge of my mobile home pad and cracked a large section off. Consumers Energy supplies electricity to 1.8 million homes and businesses, largely outside of metropolitan Detroit. Also, I was told its a misunderstanding on my part. This morning I called in again and was told the original call was marked as completed. Hall said many trees need to be trimmed because of mistakes made in the past. Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn: Clusters of white flowers in the spring, followed by dark red berries; rounded glossy green leaves which turn bright yellow to orange in the fall. I think that CE has handled this problem rather badly. Our Tree Trimming program follows industry standards, and provides a balanced solution between reliable power and healthy trees. Hall said Consumers communicates directly with affected property. A response and compensation for losing so much food and having to power my house with a gasoline generator for three days. It's not my fault and I did not cause damages to Consumers Energy's equipment or cause it to malfunction. Spoke with Duke Energy and they said they will just claim eminent domain if I file a complaint. Trees allow consumers to save energy, further helping to redu. Now we are probably going to have to get rid of the only tree weve enjoyed for years in our yard!!! The transmitter box caught fire and fried several appliances. This trimming is considered normal maintenance and reduces outages in high winds. I repeat: Mature height of 35-40 feet. So BIG thank you to him! If a tree branch or entire tree falls on an electric line: Call 9-1-1 first Then immediately call us at 800-477-5050 DO NOT TOUCH THE BRANCH, TREE OR LINE Safety Facts about Trees and Power Lines: Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous. I received my current bill today for the service dates of 10/19/2022-11/18/2022 in the amount of $ 119.78. Fairly fast growing. Why should I suffer the loss of my refrigerator's water/ice maker, fan and camera doorbell? The trimming and removal work is part of a $600,000 improvement project to improve. Your planner will leave his or her contact information to answer any questions you may have regarding the work planned for your property. He cut down the river birch marked to be trimmed and just trimmed the other tree (elm tree) thats still standing after 4.5 years. They may be infected with a fungus or virus that is helping to kill spongy moth caterpillars. This profile has not been claimed by the company. We expected better professionalism than this! The supervisor did not have a helpful attitude during any point during the conversation. stream Vernal Pool Patrol is a citizen science program where volunteers monitor vernal pools for statewide research . Township Board Resolution Supporting Women ' s History Month:The Township Boardwill discuss a resolution to support Women ' s History Month at their March 7 , 2023 regular meeting . Use Our Contractor Database. Produces a few pods infrequently. Then later on we called Moore Mechanical and had them come back. Yields hard pea-sized to 1/" fruit that is brownish or russet colored which persists into the winter. Green Vase Zelkova: A graceful shape, clean foliage, attractive bark. That means that during the coldest and most expensive gas heating months of the year I will be on the hook to this fraud of a company. (M-F, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. & Sat, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.). However, later in the summer, spongy moths will be laying new egg masses. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Randi Shaffer is a reporter at the Morning Sun. Consumers Energy delivers electricity to 1.8 million homes of Michigan's Lower Peninsula with more than 60,000 miles of lines. After flowers fade, the tree produces seed capsules that attract songbirds. Details on how trees on your property will be trimmed will be provided in the door hanger left at your home. A contractor has not been assigned at this time. Based on high caterpillar feeding activity and defoliation of trees over subsequent years in two outbreak pockets, the City implemented an aerial spray application of Bacillus thuringiensis var. CN is in the process of shutting down this railroad completely , as it will be necessary to complete the repair . Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. So how are those days billed? If the customer is not satisfied with the information received, they should contact the PUCO at 1-800-686-7826. Certified arborists and foresters target cycle areas of the city for preventative maintenance pruning services. My account number is [protected] I received my current bill today for the service dates of 10/19/2022-11/18/2022 in the amount of $ 119.78. The work will be started in the near future and postcards/letters will be mailed to customers who are affected by the work. FAQ. For information regarding the Consumers Energy tree trimming process, FAQ's please visit the the trees and power lines link. This is not me simply trying to get out of service I have used. Media Contact: Matt Helms 517-284-8300 Customer Assistance: 800-292-9555 Twitter. to meet with CE to learn about the scope/timeline/tree cutting procedures of the powerline upgrade project running the length of Broadway from Stadium to Parkview (and on to the Westnedge Hill area). This amount is at the fault of miss handling my payments sent in by myself. Unsubscribe easily. Otherwise, residents are encouraged to work with their arborist to evaluate treatment options for individual trees or groups of trees that may better control spongy moth on private properties. Canadian National ( CN ) Railway Companyis planning to repair a broken rail near the Green Road crossing in the northeast corner of Meridian Township . I have, or rather, had, two fully grown Blue Spruce pine trees which beautifully framed my front yard, and which to me were a valuable part of my landscape. Below you will find links to a map of the effected area, a letter that was sent out to residents within that area, and further information by MSU-Extension and other governmental agencies related to Spongy Moth. Consumers Energy will trim or remove trees interfering with electric restoration activities. With gas being 5.49$ here where we are I am unable to keep a generator running for this amount of time. Compare them to the previous year. Terrible service. We usually do a much better job and we fell on our face here, he said. That evening we tried to turn on our AC and it did not function. Last Name. 1 was almost a week. Maybe if you're spending $10,000 a month for energy, but in relative terms if you are spending between $100-$250 it is significant. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. 7/20/22 tree trimming company destroyed 10 layland cypress trees. My last month bill was $57.60. Is this your company? My complaint is this.Why is the outage rebate so low for having no power for 5 days or more due to a catastrophic event.The latest event was an ice storm last week.Our power was out for just short of 6 day and we are eligible for a whopping bc $25 outage rebate.Does Consumers as a company realize the expenses that occur with power of that long.Damaged food,fuel cost to run a generator ($160 for me)lodging,eating out and on and on I could go.Consumers currently charge there 1.8 million electric customers $.90 every month on our bill to cover low income customers.That translates to over 18 million dollars a year.Hard for me to believe they kick that much back each year.My suggestion is this, start an outage fund so customers can get a full reimbursement for expenses incurred during an outage as long as receipts are produced. Employee should be written up and counseled about the danger he imposed. You sent someone out and they indicated it was not the dryer but the venting system. As of today at 11:45am june 18 2022 they have yet to fix the issue. Keeping in mind the second rep said no credits are ever given (she was the one we spoke to right before the supervisor). Had power back 1 day and now we are without again. Its 47 Degrees in my House right now my freezer refrigerator is get warmer. We were not home until 3:00pm of that day and found the HVAC still not working. Come to find that someone used my name so I could not see this. Property owners outside of the targeted area may still implement their own treatment options such as the use of tree bands, injection spikes, or ground level spraying. Desired outcome: If you have a non-emergency question or concern regarding DTE Energys Tree Trimming program, please complete the inquiry form. We went and looked at our trees, saw they werent in the way, and assumed we were fine. I have a tree on the property that was to be cut done approximately 4.5 years ago and said they would be back to cut it down (never came back and tree is still there). Whoever decided that this was the proper way to handle callers and whoever kept failing to notice the problem and deal with it accordingly, they all need to be fired and sent to starve in the streets. This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. When necessary, the city contracts with a tree care company for any problem trees that are not within the area that is currently being targeted. We work with severalprofessional tree trimming companies, who are trained on safe and environmentally responsible tree care, to complete the tree trimming. How do I fight this? Oblong green leaves turn to yellow in fall, but can be a bronzy red in dry weather. Grows at a medium rate. Hospitals, fire stations, nursing homes and other critical services receive high priority in restorations, said Ryan Stowe, a DTE Energy vice president. If they were cutting that much off they shouldve just told us they were going to cut the whole tree down! trees in poor health, conifers), contact a local arborist ( for treatment options. We never had a problem with this tree with the power line. When I spoke to Consumers forestry man, after telling him my trees were fully grown, he informed me since they were green they were still growing and would reach a height of 90 feet. Mature height of 35-40 feet. Orders are taken throughout the year, with October 1 being the deadline for placing an order. Years ago the electricity kept going out, my mother called and talk to a woman In Tampa Fl. Pleasant meth dealer, Friday forecast: Inch an hour of snow possible, Marijuana payments to be distributed to mid-Michigan municipalities and counties, Mt. I have a bill for a utility company but it does not belong to me. The Citys forestry experts have been monitoring the location and severity of regional spongy moth activity. . The message said I must call them back right away - that's not happening. Shortly after, planners will assess your neighborhood and create a trimming plan. Desired outcome: It's too bad the government picks these people over the smaller and more diverse, renewable, and resilient competition. I have the right to Gas when president said and is a BETTER BILL ACT and there is the State relief that can be used to pay for it until we all the people come out of all this pandemic inflation and can have normal life again. Neighbors have reported spongy moth in several locations around East Grand Rapids. Gingko:Distinct, beautiful tree. Following the presentation, Commissioner Jon Joslin raised some concerns about residents in the area getting the proper amount of notification. Inclement weather can significantly limit the effectiveness of spray programs. I explained this and they did not care only said payment arrangement I gave them my home addresses for the past 15 + years where you can look at the payment history and the payments come directly from the account I still have. Mature height 30 -50 feet. endobj Can we have a little balance here, and a little common sense when it comes to trimming these? she asked. I witnessed that with the technician. The contractor provides the city with the expertise of a certified arborist capable of assessing tree conditions and making recommendations to save or remove trees. Medium growth rate. Please allow 5-7 business days for a response from our Tree Trim team. This tape limits a caterpillars ability to crawl up the tree. Do I need a permit to remove a tree from my yard? xksfCvLF3-;N*t~DHbC4 :>$vooZ7Up||tZU}1~=*:z\GwU^-G?gog4|9ZFZdA" 8+$Lt0iYC~Wm6+Oag+x#\^=*HeN DTE has about 2.2 million customers across southeast Michigan. Remember, your trees could be next, with no care shown nor even any chance of discussion in the matter. (800) 947-5000 Customer service is now available at your fingertips. Finally after talking to the rep for sometime and trying to explain we asked for a supervisor. My family farm has been in the family before electricity was available in this area. Very unprofessional. We called in with multiple waits times and calls totaling over an 1 hour and 15 minutes. The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. 0:57. Fast growing. His license plate number is AF07172. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. A link has directed you to this review. The catch with that is there is no daily reading for those days. I will hire her to run my business. Thanks for your time, sorry to file this here and worry anyone. Zip Code. As of this morning, as far as we knew, no one came to look at the situation. 4 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Utilities say they need to cut . Meridian Township will be holding its annual Spring Recycling Dayon Saturday , April 22 and is looking for volunteers to assist with the event . Mature height: 70 90 feet. I do not recall reading anything from Consumers Energy that said I could get a call from my privately listed number from someone other than Consumers Energy. It's a busy world full of busy people like me. : Clusters of white flowers in the spring, followed by dark red berries; rounded glossy green leaves which turn bright yellow to orange in the fall. I cannot continue to maintain both houses so now while it is just energy service to you without my son moving over there and starting to pay the mortgage I am now going to be in jeopardy of losing the family home when you try and speak to a supervisor you get no where I have had 2 conversations with Ms. Cotton and nothing else now today they are saying it is another supervisor who as o f yet has not called me back. Bids are taken by the city in September of each year, while planting takes place generally during the months ofOctober and December. The outlawn must be greater than 48 inches in width: Greenspire Linden: Tiny yellow, fragrant flowers appear in early summer and small, heart-shaped green leaves which turn yellow in fall. Consumers Energy. o Sub rule (a): Consumers Energy recommends replacing the phrase "tree trimming" in this sub rule with "line clearing" or "vegetation management" as indicated in previous Company feedback. Don't forget to call MISS DIG at8-1-1at least three business days before you break ground. Medium growth rate. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. My partner stayed home and no one came. If trimming is needed on your property, we will knock on your door and leave a door hanger describing the necessary trimming. I've had the furnace and geothermal folks here checking the systems from top to bottom Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. With myself not giving consent to cut down the river birch (only asking why the two river birch trees were marked that way) and the tree service manager saying he got consent from consumers Possible resolution would have been to relocate the trees wasnt even an option do to the time of year this occurred. Hall provided several examples of trees before-and-after the process, and offered diagrams and charts to explain the best places to plant the best types of trees around power lines. For Residential Assistance 800.477.4747 Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm For Business Assistance 855.383.4249 Fast growing. Appliance Service Plan does not affect your regulated utility service. For more than 15 years we have helped nearly 50000 customers resolve their issues and will never stop striving to ensure further improvements on our platform for a better communication between companies and customers. Project Number: 19437. your browser. Again, no one showed. Trees are the No. I need to be able to have my sons family move into this extremely vacant house that can easily be confirmed with a home visit by consumers energy. *Consumers Energy - Neighborhood Power Line Upgrade Project & Tree Cutting RESULTS: Wednesday 9/25/19 MEETING About 70+ neighbors joined the ODWNA on Wednesday 9/25 evening at Winchell Elem. JACKSON, MI (WKZO AM/FM) More than 600 Consumers Energy crews, contractors and lineworkers are making their final push on Sunday, February 26 to restore power to homes and businesses affected by last week's powerful ice storm. Oblong green leaves turn to yellow in fall, but can be a bronzy red in dry weather. Go fix yourself or die. North Carolina South Carolina Ohio Kentucky Indiana Florida Go to home page What was done to my tree was plain wrong and in no way justifiable. Mature height 15 30 feet. The larvae (caterpillars) of this invasive pest feed on a variety of trees, but prefer oak trees. He then set up a new time, 3pm-6pm. Review contact information, including business address, phone number, email, website and the contractor's affiliations and . About a month and a half to two months ago someone came by to talk to us about cutting a couple branches off our tree for the line going through our yard. Street/Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance, Diseased trees, or suspected diseased trees, Low-hanging branches or other unsafe conditions. I feel that consumers energy is incompatible of providing the services they claim to say they do. I am aware of the Pipeline upgrade in my neighborhood and have received documentation to this effect. In this instance, our planners will make every effort to contact you to discuss the removal. Companies displayed may pay us to be Authorized or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. I will also be sending the attorney general as well as notary in Secretary of State to seal and hear the voicemail and send you guys a letter for abusing my rights and not using a State relief that was given to all the people thru the pandemic and use that to relief customers. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs.